How It Started

Ever since she was a little girl, Sammi was always baking, with her mom, grandma and even great grandma! She was born a baker. Every time she saw the joy on people’s faces when they tried her delicious sweet treats, she fell even more in love with baking. Her friends had always told her she needed to sell her goodies, but it wasn’t until she met Zach (Her Now Husband) in 2015 that she did anything about it.

She was a marketing director at a fire pit company in 2014-2015, and he was a contract engineer that was working for the fire pit company to design an ignition system for one of their burners, and when we met, the rest was history. After tasting her cooking and baking, he decided that we needed to open up Baked5280 Catering Bakery in 2017! With his love and support, we set forth on a journey to bring her delicious baking to the world. All of Baked5280’s recipes are created by Samantha or passed down through her family.

Baked5280 was a cottage-law bakery, we decided to stop the bakery because it was starting to become to much for one person. Also, in 2020 Sammi and her husband found out they were having a baby boy; they decided instead of daycare she would stay home with him and then eventually homeschool him. Sammi has since decided to turn this website into a stay-at-home mom blog. Where she can share recipes, household tips, natural lifestyle tips, and more.

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Baked5280 - Sammi
Highlands Ranch, CO